KODIKAS/CODE . Ars Semeiotica

Kodikas / Code is an International Journal of Semiotics and one of the leading European scholarly journals in this field of research. It was founded by Achim Eschbach, Ernest Hess-Lüttich and Jürgen Trabant in order to promote multidisciplinary approaches to the study of sociocultural semiosis in 1979, and has been publishing high quality articles, in-depth reviews, and reports on all aspects of sign processes from historical, theoretical, and empirical perspectives since then. On a regular basis, KODIKAS / CODE also publishes special issues, collections of refereed articles on timely topics, solicited by guest editors. Languages of publication are German, English, and French; all contributions handed in to the editorial board are subject to a peer review process. 


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Achim Eschbach, Ernest W. B. Hess-Lüttich und Jürgen Trabant